Louisville, Kentucky based, country-blues artist Andy Branton cut his teeth playing guitar in country and rock & roll bands around the West Alabama bar scene. After years of collecting stories and songs while driving up and down Alabama’s highways and dirt roads, he self-released his debut EP 47 Minutes Away in late 2018.

Andy assembled a crack team of Birmingham, Alabama’s finest musicians - including Adrian Marmolejo of Early James & the Latest (Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound) and Les Nuby formerly of Verbena (Capital Records) - to commit his songs to tape. The band worked its magic, cranking out the tunes in just one 8-hour session.

The namesake of the EP is an up-tempo, country-rock scorcher about coming home to Little Rock, Arkansas after being on the road for weeks. It heavily features Ford Boswell (Early James & the Latest) on pedal steel and Daniel Raine (Little Raine Band) on piano and harmonica.

The first track, Younger Man, is the mid-tempo story of a man whose wife trades him in for someone new. Andy sings the hook, “My old lady’s found a younger man,” over greasy electric guitar licks. It’s ultimately a cautionary tale as in the last verse, “When you find a grey hair in your beard / that’s when you know the end is near.”

The ballad Time to Go hauntingly captures the utter doneness you can feel when finally leaving a place. It predicts Andy’s eventual move to Louisville, Kentucky as he sings about driving on “northbound 65” with “a new direction now.”

The final track, Lands in Birmingham, grooves much more than an Americana record probably should. Marmolejo on bass guitar and Brad Kuehner (Atticus Avenue) on drums lay down a soulful and easy going rhythm while Andy sings about the agony of a long distance relationship between two lovers separated by over 600 miles and their eventual reunion in Birmingham.

Now you can find Andy making his way around the Southeast - ever writing, ever singing, ever playing, and ever moving.


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